1. Are the characters based on people that you know?

No, the characters are all their own person. They don’t have any similarities with anyone I know, certainly not in comparison with family members or friends. They all have their specific qualities and personalities, which change throughout the course of the story.

2. Did you do research on the mythological beings you use?

Yes, I did tons of research. I wanted to make sure I’d write it as most people know them, the way they’re depicted and drawn. It’s important to have some sort of known resemblance for the reader. But, I also made up my own mythological beings. It’s important for the story to have something that no one knows about yet. There are two of those throughout the story and I hope it becomes something people want to create art of.

3. How long did it take you to write?

It took me about a year to write the first part of the trilogy. 9 months of actual writing, 3 months fine-tuning and rewriting certain pieces that I wasn’t happy with. Overall, it took me 12 months (with breaks in between because of study purposes) to finish the story.

4. What’s the process of creation of your book?

I started off by writing down the characters. Who was going to be what, which names would they get etc. After that, I wrote down some key elements that had to happen in the story to eventually end up at the ending. I knew which story elements I wanted to add in and what had to happen when. When I got closer to the end, I added two more adventures I came up with afterwards and changed the ending, as I wasn’t satisfied with it the first time I wrote it.

5. Are there any messages that you want to give with your book?

Life sometimes throws things your way that you redeem impossible to fight against, to come back from. But, with the right people that surround you, the right knowledge and the needed strength, you’ll get very far. And you will discover things you never thought possible. Also, one should always trust their gut and heart. Most importantly the heart. Life is short, so listen to it.

6. What inspires you the most to write?

Honestly, it’s a long list of where I get my inspiration from. It can be shows, films, other books. But also from people that I know in my life, or my own fantasy that wants to create a world I can escape to when things don’t go so well in real life. As a fantasy lover, such books were my only way to flee, which is why I wanted to create a book in the same genre for others who’re looking for the same way to escape reality.

7. Does someone inspire you in real life?

Cassandra Clare, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling (only story-wise and book-wise, I don’t agree in any way with recent statements she made), Suzanne Collins, George R.R. Martin, Steven Erikson and Philip Reeve.

8. Do you ever want to become a famous author?

Yes, and with this book, I do hope I have a fair shot at getting a bit more known in the writer’s world. I do want to stay anonymous long enough, which is why I use a pen name, but I’d love for my book to be taken into production one day. I know the story would fit well for a film trilogy, so who knows.

9. Why YA books?

Because I myself feel most connected to this. I used to read (and still read) tons of YA novels. My writer’s ability shows best when I write for young adults and teenagers at the end of their teenage years. But also for the ones who just became adults. Most of my protagonists (in any story) are about the same age as the young adults, so it makes sense to write a book specifically for that age (though anyone can read the books, honestly. Age should never matter to read a book. Unless it’s for adults only. Then don’t read it when you’re under 18).