Life Full of Emotions – Incipient Emotions

Jasmine has a lot to endure in her life. She’s bullied by a classmate, she’s in love with two boys and one of her best friends is missing. All these feelings make her think. Her feelings are being tested and she’s lonelier than ever. Her choices take drastic turns and create great opportunities. She meets a nice lady, helps a boy to make friends and plays the lead in a great play. Jasmine takes you on her journey through her emotions.

Life Full of Emotions – Recurring Emotions

Jasmine ultimately chose Ryan. They’ll play together in a theatre performance in Egalland. However, this isn’t going as planned. What should Jasmine do? When she sees Tobias, she regains feelings for him. Should she reciprocate these feelings? Tobias is missing, where’s he and what happened? Jasmine turns eighteen and receives a very special gift. Will this finally cheer her up? Also in part 2, many emotions are released. Will Jasmine overcome the emotions?

Life Full of Emotions – Relentless Emotions

Jasmine doesn’t have it easy when it comes to love. She was so happy with Tobias. He breaks up because of a mistake. He claims to have seen Ryan and Jasmine kiss. There’s a whole other reason why Tobias breaks up. Fortunately, there’s the new boy. Can he mend Jasmine’s, broken heart? Jasmine’s aunt is pregnant with a second child. Will it be a boy or a girl? Jasmine hopes that whatever it’ll be, they’ll choose her name. By the time she’s aunt, someone broke into the school. Who’s responsible for this and more importantly why? Will Jasmine keep her cool?

Life Full of Emotions – Journey Full of Emotions

Jasmine goes on an internship for a whole year. She has decided to return to the theatre where she was allowed to play the lead role in a major performance. She found out her boyfriend was cheating on her and was devastated. During her internship, she meets another boy. At first, she thinks he’s arrogant, but what happens to those butterflies in her stomach? This time, she also won’t get off unscathed. Will she successfully complete her internship? And will she be able to handle the pressure of a professional play?

Life Full of Emotions – Final Emotions

Jasmine is in her senior year. She’s having exams this year and will experience heartbreak again. But fear and danger will also come into play. Jasmine drops her exams to help someone, but is that a wise choice? Will the school understand the situation and give her the chance to get her diploma? Jasmine makes many difficult choices in her latest story, not all of which end well. In short, the end of her emotions.