Squad comes in, Squad comes out. All of us.

In a near future, a city in the United Kingdom gets wiped from existence by bombings said to be caused by unnatural species trying to take back what was once theirs. Left alone in the midst of the chaos, Zach gets rescued by an organisation called CRISIS. Warned by them that the species infect humanity, he receives an injection claimed to protect him with only one rule to follow: take it or face the consequences.

Trained to maintain humanity’s safety, Zach finds out that his best friend Sam is on death row as his body rejects the injection, which CRISIS sees as a threat to their ideal of a new world. It becomes a race against time to confront the imminent struggles of being hunted by CRISIS. Zach finds himself torn between his belief and the law, forcing him to choose between killing or being killed.

It does not come with the means to an end principle: sacrifices have to be made in order to find freedom

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