Reviews by Skye Lewis' readers:

Life Full of Emotions:

✿ Heleanne95: It's a nice book, the story really takes you into the emotions. So you can sympathise.

✿ BookReaderHello: It's a great, refreshing and beautiful book. It's very powerfully written and it shapes how one deals with different emotions. It's very special how well the writer empathises with the emotions.


Raven's Phoenix:

✿ Julie: I sometimes feel like the story is a bit rushed, but that's maybe just me, because I crave details. But I enjoy it very very much.

✿ Dina: It took a while before the action started, but once it did, it got me hooked. I'm in awe with how the writer comes up with all those situations and the way it's written. It was a pleasure to read.

✿ Rina: The story is similar to what most of us, including myself, have experienced. The anxiety, the fear, the hesitation of trusting someone new and finding that couragement to trust that said person and let them help you. Showing you that it's okay to feel vulnerable, it's okay to feel not okay, especially after what you went through and it's okay to ask for help. And sometimes it's okay to trust someone.

✿ Natalija: This is such an emotional and beautiful book. It's about a girl who suffered a lot and through her journey, she meets different people who later become her friends. The story and characters are so well-written. It's a story about pain, healing, friendship, mythical beings and self-discovery. It's also very heartwarming as each one of them has a traumatic past and they all help each other. I sympathised with the characters and felt their struggles. Throughout the whole book, I was very interested and eager to read more because many adventures awaited them. It was just such a delight to read this book.